thats literally all i wanted

good bye personal blog /o/

I FINALLY!!! finally got my order from Fairyland ;v;

I’M SOOOOO EXCITED and I love her so much omg

She’s so much bigger than I thought she would be, and so much heavier. There’s a lot I have to learn about posing her and getting her to balance and I’m so unprepared.

I want to buy her a million new outfits and already I’m going to die.

I came back to my personal to post doll pictures.


If you’re afraid of dolls, or think they’re creepy or whatever, I’m going to tag them with #Lin plays with dolls so please black list accordingly. <3


reminder to my followers that i’m still a filthy homestuck

this is it this is how my life is going to end

let the records show that I love gakupoid enough to watch sports anime for them


My mrail has been talking to me about an evil Dirk AU and tempting me with suave uniforms and evil Jane and Jade and brain hacking and ALL THINGS THAT I LOVE BASICALLY so I drew this.

And didn’t finish until after she’d already gone to work fmel



ii triied… ii promi2e

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